New India Literacy Program is an Adult Education scheme to impart foundational literacy and numeracy and other components which are necessary for a citizen of 21st century such as critical life skills (including financial literacy, digital literacy, commercial skills, health care and awareness, child care and education, and family welfare); vocational skills development (with a view towards obtaining local employment); basic education (including preparatory, middle, and secondary stage equivalency); and continuing education (including engaging holistic adult education courses in arts, sciences, technology, culture, sports, and recreation, as well as other topics of interest or use to local learners, such as more advanced material on critical life skills).

Hindi Primers

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01 Udaan 1 View
02 Udaan 2 View
03 Udaan 3 View
04 Udaan 4 View
05 Udaan Guideline View

Urdu Primers

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01 Udaan 1 Primer View
02 Udaan 2 Primer View
03 Udaan 3 Primer View
04 Udaan 4 Primer View
05 Udaan Guideline Primer View

Bhoti Primers

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01 Bhoti Primer 1 View
02 Bhoti Primer 2 View
03 Bhoti Primer 3 View
04 Bhoti Primer 4 View
05 Bhoti Guidelines View