First Appellate Authority / PIOs / APIOs Directorate of School Education Ladakh
Name Designation Email Address Phone
Sh. Tsering Paldan First Appellate Authority (FAA) dseladakh[at]gmail[dot]com Council Secretariat Kargil Ladakh 01985-233925, 01985-233928
Sh. Gulzar Hussain Danish (PIO) Public Information Officer gul4zoo[at]gmail[dot]com Council Secretariat Kargil Ladakh 9797397328
Sh. Ghulam Nabi Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO) gulnoo03[at]gmail[dot]com Council Secretariat Kargil Ladakh 9419823984
PIOs at Cheif Education Office h
Name Designation Email Address Phone
Sh. Mohd Amin PIO CEO Kargil mohdamin7432[at]gmail[dot]com CEO Office Baroo Kargil Ladakh 9797246753
Sh. Paldan Tundop PIO CEO Leh paldantundup[at]gmail[dot]com CEO Office Leh, Ladakh 9419219398
Right to Information Act
Right to Information Act 2005 Download
Disclosure of Information under Right to Information Act - 2005 Section 4(2)
School Education Department Download
List RTI Application recieved and disposed off
Level/Office Period No of Appl. recieved No of appl. dispossed off No of appl pending Charges collected
Directorate level 01.01.2022 to 31.08.2022 05 05 0 30
CEO Kargil 01.01.2022 to 31.08.2022 04 04 0 100
CEO Leh 01.01.2022 to 31.08.2022 03 03 0 20